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Debut album from percussionist Evan Carson.

Inspired by his Grandfather Jerzy Ocipinski and the Polish Resistance Movements of the Second World War.


1 Copy of Physical Album
1 Booklet and Liner Notes
1 Sticker
1 Collection of Original Art Prints by album artist Todd Robinson (Over_the_Nova)
1 Digital Version


This album combines musicians from both the folk and progressive music scenes including guests such as Gleb Kolyadin (iamthemorning) and Jim Grey (Caligula's Horse)

At times chillings, at times uplifting, this is a deeply personal and dynamic exploration of the sacrifices made for freedom… - POWERPLAY MAGAZINE

It is rich and beautiful, but also has edge and instinct.  It thunders with proximity, but also dances in the clouds... 

Gripping and intense…  - LOUDERTHANWAR

The way the album flows is like a prog folk version of Genesis’ The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway…  - FOLKING.COM


Music Written by Carson/Kolyadin
Lyrics Written by Carson/Lewis/Grey/Sanders
Produced and Engineered by Joshua Franklin
Additional Engineering by Pete Ord and Sam Vallen
Mastered by Vlad Avy
Artwork by Todd Robinson
Booklet Design by Anna Ocipinska
Recorded in the UK, Russia, Iceland and Australia

Vocals - Georgia Lewis
Vocals - Jim Grey
Vocals - Hannah Sanders
Vocals - Ben Savage
Vocals - Evan Carson

Piano - Gleb Kolyadin
Percussion - Evan Carson
Violin and Viola - Karl James Pestka
Cello - Graham Coe
Flutes and Whistles - Toby Shaer
Zither, Cuatro, Bouzouki, Oud, Acoustic Guitar and Acoustic Bass - Charlie Cawood
Electric Guitars and Bass - Chris Heales
Electric Bass and Keys - Joshua Franklin
Melodeon - Archie Moss

Jim Grey appears courtesy of InsideOut Records
Gleb Kolyadin appears courtesy of Kscope Records



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