• evancarsonmusic

Morning all. 8 months ago I stepped onto stage at Come From Away for the last time. Every element of my job changed over night and I'm not convinced it will be changing back. It felt like 10 years of graft had gone down the toilet. I still feel that way from time to time, but now I'm just thankful to be surviving and continuing to work in my field. However, I am lucky enough to have been involved in 8 albums of varying states of completion since this bin fire of a country ignited in March. 1. Tim Bowness - Late Night Laments 2. Sam Kelly - Untitled 3. Honey & The Bear - Untitled 4. Kolyadin, Carson & Shaer - Untitled 5. Georgia Lewis & Evan Carson - Untitled 6. Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage - Untitled 7. NINEBARROW - UNTITLED

8. Evan Carson - Folly I'll be adding more details about each of these as we go but for now, stay safe and enjoy the only live version of Sky/Shards in existence.